Just a taste (Official music video)

Hello!! Hope all is well Everybody, Its been a while since I posted but I’m always adding new videos to my Music video collection so check frequent and you may find a surprise here and there. I did another Music Video for TRIFecta Its called just a taste, off of his self titled album TriFecta da…

Support a dream!!

I was recently part of a major project, Involving an indie #comicbook company called #Redarcis Entertainment. They released there first comic book called Okemus issue 0, which is a FANTASTIC read by the way. Now they need our help guys they need to raise money to support advertising, marketing, publishing, pay there Amazing staff etc. Here…

Everything is black music video

This Is my latest #musicvideo Everything is black I had a great time Directing/Editing and putting this project together when I heard the song I had to jump on the team and project ASAP songs are crazy and I think they are the next big thing!!! ENJOY!!

Episode 1: New Amsterdam Show 9/4/2015

This Podcast is about Gil Rios and JAI Pera of Poet on Drugs going to California for the First time! we talk about the food, why we were out there and some funny Insane crazy stories

Fire- Official BootLeg Edition

This video is made as a throwback to the old 90’s bootleg vids. Effects, limited camera angles and energy. Back when budgets weren’t huge and you had to show out.The Real video Fire will be out soon. This is just something fun and light hearted to hold you down. Album is dropping soon and the…


Here is a video i shot on the iphone 6  Its a snippet off of the #Musicvideo (Bootleg edition) of Fire   For Trifecta This was Shot on my iphone 6 plus!! amazing how far technology has come Enjoy and share your Thoughts