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This Is a Song I Think Is Just Amazing From TRIFECTA

From NYC to CALI Vlog

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This is our Adventure To Los Angles California. As we went to the team Backpack Event, Find out what we did, who we met and funny stories we encountered. Don’t miss this 4 part Episode!!

I Know its been a while guys so i wanted to give you guys

A lot of content!

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Rambling In the Morning- CALIFORNIA PODCAST

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If you like Podcast Then This is for you!!!!!!


Here is the Audio as well so you can Listen to it at your boring job on your way home ETC lol This Podcast is About Our Trip to California and what we did,we talk about the sidecar app and how much money it saved us, we talk about Team Backpack and the competition, we talk about the Baltimore Riots,crooked Cops Sucking D&*() And Much Much More you don’t want to miss this Episode.


A FaceBook page full of ENT (IN HOUSE)

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This is a entertainment company I am apart of,

I am Co-owner with TRIfecta  And 2 for Three

we Provide Music and Music videos and other entertainment

in the future. Like the Page to follow what we are doing

and what our next project is, Its a super fun page full of excitement

Click on the pic to enter the facebook page, or just like the page provided on

the right hand side! :)

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Different Cloth New Video I Directed and Edited

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This Is My Latest Music Video I Directed and edited

its called A Different Cloth, The First Single from double

go to his site and download the free Mixtape

Enjoy the Music video and Comment Like and follow :)

The Ep

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This Link Provides Information about one of the artist i work with. Sub to him as well.

The Ep.

HardCore Drugs (Official Music Video)

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New Music Video